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06-18-2013, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by I Am Chariot View Post
Personally I would LOVE to see what a Mark Messier built team would look like. I know all great players don't make great execs, but then again, some do. If they get the opportunity and some guidance while they learn.
If you were the owner of a store, would you hire a guy who was an elite cashier to be your store manager if the guy had zero managerial experience?

Maybe since his captain cashier days he's done a bit of the interviewing for potential cashiers. But he doesn't have any experience with managing inventory, budgeting, displaying merchandise, etc. And he doesn't want to work his way up from shift manager or assistant manager to manager. He wants to go straight from being a retired cashier to the manager of the store.

How much slack would you cut this guy if he's only willing to "get the opportunity and some guidance" if he starts at the top?

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