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Originally Posted by DecadesofFutility View Post
Do not think Streit fixes this defense, he only covers the loss of Mezzaros/Carle only.
He more than covers that loss. He's a big improvement on both.

We need to look toward the defensive needs in 2014 as well.
Option 2) or Option 3) need to be explored to fix this defense.
Option 2 requires a structural change. We're better off using our 11th overall pick and praying for a savior than we are trading Couturier or Schenn for our savior then praying that Laughton can fill the void.

You're only shifting your prayers. We might as well hang onto what we have.

Option 3 is stupid considering we just acquired our veteran solution (Streit) for no assets.

When Timmo retires after year we have another hole to fill.
It would be better to face that issue now then, backfill with another
overpriced 35+ year old defenseman again.
This defense is not one player from being fixed, IMHO.
You're right, we have more issues, but there is no denying our defense is better today then it was yesterday. Now we just select a blue chip prospect at #11 and give him some time to develop. Hopefully when Timonen retires, we will have a clearer picture of our long term defensive core.

Streit is a band-aid, no denying that, but he's an effective one. He'll give us a big contribution for one or two years, and we can re-assess our situation when Timonen is gone and Streit's play begins to fall off. We just bought a bit of time with this move in order for us to be competitive in the present while waiting to legitimately contend in the future. I don't have a problem with that logic even though I don't like the contract itself...

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