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06-18-2013, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
how does the league restricting his ability to play help the goalie who has been run ?
How does pummeling a guy help the goalie who just got run? It doesn't.

Checking can also cause serious problems in the future, same as blocking shots.
These are not acts that are punished though. Fighting is punished in hockey.

Anyone who cant comprehend that the opposition might take offense at you snowing the goalie up 7-3 and within this continuum of responses that fighting might possibly be the result hasn't watched a whole lot of hockey. Perhaps what the defenseman should have done was wait for the next faceoff, spear the kid in the gut at the get go ( or run him in the numbers) then skate over to the box hiding behind the stripes assuring everyone that the 5 minutes and a possible suspensions is clearly enough for you to learn your lesson.
In the NHL I have never seen someone drops the gloves and start throwing bombs at a player who just got showed by ice. Was it dumb? Abosultey. Did he need to face 10 shots to the head to learn his lesson? Nope.

Im just wondering, in this situation had one of his teamates interceded on his behalf and then tuned the tuner ( broken nose and concussion) would people be vilifiying the guy who came to the aid of a teamate getting wailed on ? I certainly wouldn't.
I would. Someone should have jumped itto defend their teammate but not in an extreme violent way.

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