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01-07-2004, 04:59 AM
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Originally Posted by oilswell
I'm probably reading this out of context since I didn't read the whole thread, but it stood out and here, more or less, was my thought train.

The Oilers have excellent attendance. Viewership is strong. The players get paid. They'll be in the black this year. EDM can easliy afford an NHL team.
Can EDM afford an NHL team? Sure.

Can EDM afford an NHL team that could consistently get past the first round of the playoffs without it being considered our own version of 'Miracle on Ice'? Not so sure.

I consider the models of the Nucks and Sens as ones the Oilers should be trying to emulate, but even with superior trading and drafting those teams still pump around 5 to 8 million more into player salaries. Relatively speaking that's not a whole lot, but would the Oilers be willing to even go that far? The impression the ownership group gives me is that they must stay in the black if at all possible, even at the expense of losing an extra round of playoff revenue. They'd rather have a bird in the hand than two in the bush. As long as attendance and viewership stay at current levels, they don't seem compelled to risk any more than they have to.

And of course, this speaks nothing of the drafting and especially trading needing one or two home runs. The drafting at least looks promising so far, the trading aspect I'm not so confident.

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