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06-18-2013, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Sabresfansince1980 View Post
I see your point, but Hackett and Larsson are not five years away from being impact players (although Hackett may only end up being a back-up). The 16th pick may only be one year away from making an impact.
Everything I'm saying is in the context of assembling our cup roster. Larsson may make the team in only a couple of years. The 16th pick (unlikely) could even make the team next year. Correct. That doesn't mean they'll be impact players on a cup winning roster anytime soon. Larsson gets drafted in 2010 and still hasn't seen the NHL. These guys are long term projects.

Originally Posted by SabresFanNorthPortFL View Post
I still don't see why the Sabres need a full-on rebuild, there is too much in the pipeline that's on the cusp of contributing that Vanek and Miller can still be contributors.


I just see a couple moves here and there, some progression amongst players, a solid coaching staff, and the team is not 5 years away.
Look at every cup winning team in recent memory, and they're all built around players who are at an elite level the likes of which is nowhere on our roster, and is probably not in our pipeline, either. Quick is the best goalie in the world right now, Chara is the best defenseman, Crosby and Malkin the best forwards, Kane and Toews not far behind, Datsyuk and Zetterberg the most complete two way players, Anaheim had multiple hall of famers on defense, Carolina was a ****ing fluke that missed the playoffs the next year, Tampa had a league MVP up front along with arguably two other franchise forwards, Jersey had the most stacked defense of all time plus a hall of famer in goal, Detroit had hall of famers driving the Zamboni after the games. Most of these guys are going to the hall of fame. Where are our future hall of famers?

Sure, if we made all the right moves for all the right mid-level guys, we could lateral our way back into the playoffs and maybe even win a round or two at some point. But we'd still only get as far as mid-level guys could take us. We'd only be as good as our best player, and the best players on the team and in the system are highly unlikely to be good enough. A rebuild is the chance to change the culture of mediocrity around here and I open my arms gladly to the pain that comes with it.

Originally Posted by sonnEbunny View Post
If we are five years away from competing for a cup Vanek will be 34 and will still be a very good player in this league. I'm sure you are aware that every contending team needs veteran players to make a run at the cup, I would really hope that Vanek will be that guy for us. However, I would let him go if the right deal was presented then, look to add a vet later down the road in free agency.
I absolutely think it's better to get value back for Vanek now (while it's high) and then, like you said, seek to find those character players at age 34 when we get there (and they're cheaper than what we'll get for Vanek now). After all, if we don't deal present value out to get futures back, we may never end up in that enviable position to begin with, wherein we just want to find a 35 year old vet to push us over the top.

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