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Originally Posted by Greg02 View Post
My first reaction was that this is a much stronger list than the centers, with 8 of the 10 being Hall of Famers, but in terms of HHOF, the centers list actually did surprisingly well.

I already incited Park vs Leetch in the preliminary round (whoops!), but I'll reiterate my feelings: Leetch should get first place by about the same ratio that Frank Boucher did. Park has a very legitimate place in the conversation for first, but on most lists (that is, by most ways of weighing contributions), Leetch's Norrises, Smythe, and most importantly his longevity will win out. If you value Park's Norris runner-ups to Orr very highly, weigh playoff performances less, and focus more on peak, then you should choose Brad Park. But 16 years is a lot longer than 7, Park had little top end competition outside of Bobby Orr, and he never led us to a cup.

Some strict orderings that I'm getting from a quick impression:

Coulter > Pratt
Johnson > Seibert, Heller

Howell vs Gadsby should be interesting. How much was Howell's Norris season an anomaly?
Italics: fair enough, I'll rejoind (why isn't this a verb? offering a rejoinder?).

Bold: true, but again, Orr was the Michael Jordan of his day. No one else remotely close. Park only remotely as to across the board. Orr's skating/speed dominates all other bottom lines...

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