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06-18-2013, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by KopitarFAN View Post
The trade wouldn't happen soon, it would happen likely in september. A lot closer to when we know whether or not Mitchell will be able to go.
Teams can only be X amount over the cap during the summer. Scuderi, Mitchell, and Regehr all on the cap, with everyone else still on the team, may push the Kings over whatever the limit is.

Lombardi has to know, or at least have a decent idea, of what the situation with Scuderi is. There may not have been talks involving specific numbers, but just a general sense of what was going on. Why else lock up Regehr as early as he did?

Maybe sign Regehr as insurance in case Mitchell can't go, but Mitchell's cap hit counts until they can figure things out with him. That's where the problems with signing Scuderi come up.

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