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Originally Posted by Crease View Post
This is exactly what irks me about him. Sather approaches him in 2002 about coaching. Said he wasn't interested. Not ready to retire. In 2013 he decides he wants to coach. But he doesn't get the head coaching job and immediately takes himself out of the running for assistant coach. C'mon. This behavior is entirely unbecoming.
You realize 11 years is a long time and things and people's perspectives can drastically change in that long a period of time, right? He was still in the NHL in 2002, did you want him to say "Sure Glen, I would love to retire immediately and coach the Rangers!" back then? Why is it somehow this awful thing that he's considering getting into coaching now, after having sat in with the organization across a handful of years and seeing the managerial side of a team?

Messier caught heat for wanting the head coach job. No one wanted him a part of the coaching staff at all at the NHL level, and now it's suddenly looked at as him throwing a tantrum because he took himself out of the equation. Maybe, just maybe, he figured "Why not, I'll put in my interest, if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out and I'll just keep doing what I've been doing." No..everything must be analyzed, over-analyzed, then re-over-analyzed 20 more times before these boards figure out the true underlying motives behind everything said and done (funny thing is 99% of this has happened behind closed doors). Maybe he's been weighing his options between coaching at a lesser level to gain coaching experience or staying and gaining managerial experience with the Rangers. Guess how many of us know the real answer to that? I'd bet my life the answer is 0.

Honestly I couldn't care less if Messier gets the head coach job or even assistant coach job. If he can do the job, he can do the job. I don't care about the stigmas against ex-players "always" failing miserably at coaching or whatever. Didn't you guys see the "If you can play, you can play" ads?

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