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Streit's pretty good on offense. We only really had Timonen as an offensive defender this year, and Laviolette plays a style where he wants to puck in the offensive zone always, always creating chances. Streit will improve our offense which if we spend more time in the offensive zone, less pressure on defense.

I thought our defensive play wasn't awful last year. Lots of blocked shots, great PK and I thought they really limited the number of shots allowed this past season compared to how often they were under duress. I thought goaltending was the big issue, and it wasn't really unwarranted hate.

12th in least shots allowed
15th in shots for
9th in goals for
8th most goals against.
6th worst team save percentage, under 900%.
3rd worst save percentage 5v5, 903%

16th best 5v5 shooting percentage
-7 difference in goals for vs. against overall ... pretty brutal for a top-10 offensive team
-18 difference in goals for vs. against 5v5 ...

+11 difference in special teams goals for vs. against ...
1st in minor penalties
1st in penalties per game
1st in times shorthanded

5th best PK
3rd best PP
3rd WORST 5v5 goals for vs. against ratio ... 3rd worst team in the league 5v5, basically
5th most hits
3rd most blocked shots
15th most giveaways (not bad)
3rd least takeaways
8th worst faceoff percentage

Bolded are the obvious negatives only. So clearly, special teams is not an issue. The amount of penalties we take was, but a lot of the time the penalties were killed. That was pretty lucky, so discipline is something I hope the team improves with and that's really just immaturity and frustration. We're young and hate to lose and the whole lineup basically plays the type of game where they might get penalties. Definitely an area of improvement.

It would seem like we have a hard time getting the puck, as horrible takeaway numbers and awful faceoff percentage would indicate. It's amazing that they weren't ridiculously outshot, although I guess blocked shots would play into that. Still, they did a good job at limiting the shots even though they weren't on the attack. Goaltending didn't help them out, but possession numbers need improvement which I am hoping some faceoff improvement and a better breakout might help.

The biggest issue is 5v5 play, although they didn't have a chronic issue of not being able to score 5v5. The goaltending was clearly terrible. 3rd worst 5v5 and 6th worst overall?! You've gotta be kidding me. If they even just get top-15 goaltending they'd likely be a playoff team.

Will Streit help fix any of these issues? I think so. I think Streit will be a huge asset in 5v5 play, as he is a reliable puck mover and is much better offensively than Matt Carle, although much older. Carle is a great passer but had no shot, while Streit brings similar yet possibly better passing ability but also brings a shot from the point. The team really had issues with breaking out and moving the puck up ice. A lot of the time it was just dump and chase hockey and since we don't necessarily have the fastest forwards in the league or the most physical, we often lost a lot of puck retrieval battles. Having somebody who has a good 1st pass and smart offensive instincts will be very handy, IMO.

I think everyone needs to relax and actually look at the areas the team struggled at and how those areas can be improved. So far, Streit is just filling a hole without creating another one in the lineup and I like that. Cap is an issue but the loss of Bryz and Briere are more addition by subtraction.

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