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06-18-2013, 06:31 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfreak7 View Post
Having a hard time seeing how Vancouver fans are turning this down. It's atrocious for the Flyers.

Let's just say Read+2nd is equal to Kassian for the sake of the discussion here. That leaves Couturier+Coburn+11th overall for Edler? Seriously?
Cause we don't want to lose a #1D man, look at the price the Flyers paid for a 3rd pairing puck moving D man, Edler is a #1 puck moving D man, something we need, Kassian is a mean nasty power forward who came on in the playoffs and when he played in the top 6 didn't look out of place, Kassian and Edler are needed in Vancouver.

Read is a soon to be UFA and would rather have Kassian and all his potential over Read and a 2nd

Edler is our only puck moving D we need him and to down grade from Edler to Coburn doesn't make sense to bring in a fix for the 3rd line center, not that that Edler value is unfair it just doesn't solve anything for Vancouver, if we were selling Edler off I would think its over payment for the Flyers but for right now we really can't afford to move Edler as we don't have a replacement and puck moving D cost a lot these days and Edlers contract is wicked good.

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