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01-07-2004, 06:21 AM
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Guy! are you the president of the Vladdy fan club or what??

I agree he had some good skills, and with the proper amount of desire could of been the type of dman who garnered Norris consideration on a yearly basis, but best in the league???

I honestly don't think he could ever keep up to Coffey skating wise (maybe in Coffey's later years, definately not in Coffey's Oiler's days). And to state that he could pass like Gretzky is a joke I assume. If he had Gretzky's passing skills even without the desire he would of put up 60+ assists a year. Shooting like Bourque I'll give ya. He did have a good shot when he used it. The one thing you didn't touch on, imo, is his lousy hockey sense. Too many times Malakhov made the wrong play at the wrong time.

Your arguement for Malakhov sound like someone trying to argue Chad Kilger as one of the top ten players in the game..skill wise.

Just my opinion.

The Souray/Malakhov trade was a trade I liked from the beginning. Malakhov was one of the biggest cancers around. I was shocked New Jewrsey was even interested. BTW, do you remember how little he ended up playing for NJ. He was there #6 dman most nights he played.

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