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06-18-2013, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by SoFFacet View Post
I think that Vanek will be an effective player for a lot longer than most people think. He takes a beating but very little of his game is based on grinding along the wall or torching the D with speed or moves. He has those things and flashes them sometimes but thats not the core of what he does. He's primarily a hands guy that specializes in deflections, rebounds, and close-range corner-picking. I think unless he has a major wrist injury he will still be a good player until his late 30s.

As exhibited by the Bruins and Kings, the dominant strategy in playoff hockey is (once again) to take away all methods of scoring besides the rebound and the deflection. Seeing as how those are Vanek's specialties, and given my belief that he will still be a good player by the time the rest of the team is ready, I would really prefer to keep him.

I'm not so sure about how high his trade value is right now anyways. People keep tossing him into trade proposals that only move us up a few slots in the draft.
I agree with most of what you said, personally I would do my best to keep him but I can definitely see scenarios where a trade would be warranted. Thomas has showed that he is a solid post season performer, I think this will become more evident now that the league is trending back to a more physical style. And even though it was a shortened season I absolutely loved his play throughout the year, him and Cody played well together most of the time. I really think he will still be very productive by the time this team is ready to compete for a championship and I would love for him to have a chance to win one with us but, there are circumstances where I would be okay with trading him. If the organization explains to him what the teams rebuilding plan is and he does not want to be apart of it or if a trade offer comes up that you simply can't say no to then you take it and run. A rebuild is just that, there should be no untouchable players right now. If the opportunity comes up to better the team long term you must take advantage of those situations no matter who the player is. There will be chances to add high quality players via free agency or through trades, a few years down the road it may be likely that we will be buyers at the deadline so added prospects or draft picks will come in handy when that time comes.

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