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Originally Posted by MoneyGuy View Post
I never guaranteed 10 wins. I thought 10 wins. I also said they'd do much better than you thought, still do. Maybe your reading comprehension needs some work.
This is exactly what you stated. I'll let the reader decide on your present back pedaling. ( lol that you were called out on it and when people asked to bet you then said 9 games..)

Originally Posted by MoneyGuy
I’m predicting at least 10 wins for us, maybe 11 with a shot at 12. We’ll make the playoffs and will be in contention for second, or better. This team may start a little slow, but will start to gel big time.
Bolded sounds like a guarantee. Contextually you frame it as lowest possible result, i.e. "at least 10 wins, maybe 11, with a shot at 12" What does the phrase "at least" mean in your world?

Maybe read your posts before submit. You're all over the map on this. Whats it now? 8 wins?

You also said Lewis, Lampley, Moore would transform our kick return game. They all look like complete junk. These guys wouldn't go 20yds carrying the water cooler. Lewis can't catch, Lampley was lame. Moore is already cut.

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