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Originally Posted by JaymzB View Post
I wonder if issues such as these helped to cause the decline of the Expos’ popularity across Canada, vs. the Blue Jays.
In part yes. Montreal was really & truly ascendant from the early 60's through to 1980. They hosted Canada & the World with Expo 67, received the first MLB Franchise outside of the US in 69, the old Royals a farm club for LA, the rush to get Jarry Park fixed up & suitable going from 3000 to 28,500+ seats, then, hosted the Olympics in 1976. All the while of course, the Montreal Canadiens winning Stanley Cups, in 71, the Dynasty Years of the mid to latter part of the decade. Had Montreal not received the Expo's, mightve been years before Toronto saw the Blue Jays, who started play in 77. But, there were troubling signs. The FLQ bombing of the Montreal Stock Exchange, the October Crisis of 1970 with the Kidnapping of British Diplomat James Cross & murder of Quebec Labour Minister Pierre Laporte. The rise of the Parti Quebecois, Rene Levesque, Sovereignty Association, Bill 101 & the 1980 Referendum, which drove tens of 1000's of the provinces wealthiest out, forcing mass relocation of corporate head offices to Toronto & elsewhere. 33yrs later, Quebec still dealing with the fallout, recovering.

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