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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
While I shouldn't be surprised by now (I've been here too long), I'm still amazed to read how people overrate players and prospects that they've never seen play (or very little).

Clutterbuck? Holy smokes, stop the press! Let's give them Eller! Seriously folks, we're talking about a hitter yes, but he's far from the Prust category and he's undersized for his style of play. Injuries will catch up... sooner than later.

Kristo is the next Gretzky! Late second round pick who looked good playing as an overager in a league too week for his skills' level last year! I sure hope he put some good numbers... not counting his two "leadership" incidents.

Feaster wants Kristo and something else for 6th overall in a deep draft? Damned right I'm doing it and I don't even think twice!
We don't know what Feaster wants. We have a quote from Knight and a discussion from insiders on Sportsnet radio.

We are making inferences and speculations. Some people may think Kristo for 28th is a good deal for one or both teams. The reasonable extension of the discussion is whether MB can add to move up.

Al I'm saying is Kristo added to Knight is more valuable than another random prospect. How valuable is what I'm asking.

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