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06-18-2013, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Cogburn View Post
So this turned into a pissing match pretty quick.

As for the OP, we've been asking for Couts and the 11th overall for Edler because we don't want to trade him per se, but we might have a spare defender and his return would trump that of anyone else we can move.

Coburn, Read and a 2nd (1st?) is an overpayment for Philly though. We don't want to move him, we need him to break out while he is still signed cheaply, but that doesn't mean other fan bases value him the same way. They didn't move their top prospect of the last 10 years (sorry to Schneider and Edler fans out there), so they don't see him at the same value.

As it stands, Kassian for Read+ (probably a mid round pick, a 4th or 5th) is about right for what each has proven. So basically...let's not trade him.

REALLY??? What exactly has Kassian proven thus far??? That he can score a whopping 21 points in 2 seasons??? Yes I know that it was basically equal to one full season but seriously??? Read has actually PROVEN to be a top 6 scoring forward in the NHL in just his 2nd season. If ANYTHING it would be Kassian + for Read and not the other way around.

Also, if Vanc fans are going to continue to call Edler a #1 dman then we Philly fans are going to call Couturier a #2 center. Edler ISN'T a #1 dman, he's PMD #2 dman, NOT a true #1, he's just not that good. Hell your own fan base has said that he doesn't hit very much anymore because of the toll it has taken on his body and now he's looking at self preservation (not a bad thing TBO, he's too valuable offensively to lose him for banging bodies). Is Edler a to pairing dman, hell yeah, but he's NOT a true #1 dman (again, one of your own fans said in this thread that he needs to "develop" to reach his full potential and become the #1 dman he could be).

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