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Originally Posted by I Am Chariot View Post
So why not give the guy some slack, give him a chance to have a career post player.

He didn't just lead NYR to their Cup. He has SIX
Pretty sure he is up their behind Gretzky in career pts.
Pretty sure he came into the league a promising prospect who GREW into a monster player.
Pretty sure he knows the game of Hockey like the back of his hand.

Not sure where the disrespect comes from. Because he left the team for more $$$ at the end of his career?

That's the business. These guys are DONE playing at 40. They need that last contract. So be it.

Personally I would LOVE to see what a Mark Messier built team would look like. I know all great players don't make great execs, but then again, some do. If they get the opportunity and some guidance while they learn.
I respect what your saying here. It's just that you don't hear about Messier working with any youngsters in the system. Bringing young guys along. You don't hear about him at some rink in junior evaluating a prospect or potential pick. I could be very wrong here. I've just never heard anything like that. You don't want to get this impression, but Mess seems a bit above it all. For a guy who aspires to running the whole show, some of us would respect a little more shoe leather equity.

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