Thread: Rumor: Kris Letang on the block?
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06-19-2013, 01:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Honour Over Glory View Post
Letang for just the 3rd overall pick? That's a horrible trade for the Pens.

Last year, they got an 8th overall pick, a very good defense prospect, and a former 1st round top 15 pick that should grow into a damn solid pivot behind Sid & Geno as the #1 and #2 C's.

Letang, some how....goes for less than Jordan Staal?

PMD's are still a huge target. Especially young ones that can be around for a long time, Letang is better than people give him credit for here.
Considering the Pens could get Jonathan Freaking Drouin at number 3, you bet your ass that's a good trade for Pittsburgh! Adding Drouin to the Pens would make the Penguins SO much more offensively dangerous to the point where Crosby would get too much open space to realistically fantasize about. People would forget about Letang very quickly with him in town, I didn't mention that fantasy for nothing. Which is what it is, a fantasy, so enough on this.

If Edmonton fans are thinking of getting Letang, then make no mistake, one of their big pieces will have to go the other way: Klefbom, Schultz, Eberle, Yakupov, etc.

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