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06-19-2013, 02:01 AM
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Originally Posted by I Am Chariot View Post
Ok I laughed, but that's disrespectful. Tommy doesn't even play hockey.

Seriously, posters need to chill on the Messier sour grapes.

Messier might have thoughts on how to win the cup, as an exec

He might have different thoughts on how they might win, from a coaching standpoint.

I would sure be interested in what his thoughts are on both fronts. Out of respect. He doesn't have to coach the Blahville Ice Hornets to gain my respect.

His rings speak for themselves. He wasn't a role player, he was THE Man. I wonder how many people here are actually old enough to have watched this guy evolve from prospect to the Captain of multiple Stanley Cup Champions.

Maybe you all just caught the tail end of the career?

I'll say again, I know a great player doesn't make him an automatic great exec/coach. But it doesn't automatically make him a bad one either.
I feel like he probably has ideas and given his reputation those ideas are listened to, that's about the extent of what I want him doing. That is unless he actually goes out and get's the experience. If he is going to be such a fantastic coach (theoretically) then go coach a season in the NHL, especially in Hartford and if he has great success with that team then by all means maybe he could be a serious candidate in the future.

I'm not saying he needs to coach through every level, or have 10 years experience, but at this point with the team we have we needed to go with the safe choice and we did. AV is a good coach and he has proven that. Messier MAY be a good coach but we don't know that yet.

I know about Messier, heck I got an awesome DVD about him for Christmas a few years ago that I watch fairly often, and get goosebumps at times reminiscing about his career, but that doesn't mean anything when it comes down to him coaching this team with little coaching experience. If we were in year one of a full fledged rebuild and he was going to be allowed to grow on the job then I'd be all for it.

You guys who advocate him for the coaching job seem to assume he'd have success. What if he didn't? What if we finished 10th or 11th in the east?

Could it happen with AV? Possibly, although I don't think it will.

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