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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Really? Would you trade Voracek and #26 for Read, Coburn, and #11?
Voracek is the better all around player. Ryan is a more productive JVR. If the Flyers were in Anahiems position, I would seriously think about. Their window is open now and will probably be only open for the next few years as Perry and Getzlaf will start to decline. They need another top 4 defenseman and a top flight center. Good centers go quick in the draft. The center they get at 11 like Hovat or Wennberg is way better than the one they get at 26, or for the next few drafts in the 20s for that matter. It all depends on how one views the 11th pick. For the Flyers, the 11th pick is not as important since they don't need a quality center but need a quality defenseman, which you are as likely to get at 26 as you are at 11. But for a team in need of a center, you have to pick early or you will be stuck with the Peter Hollands of the world. So you get a top 2 center prospect, a top 4 defensemen, and a 20+ goal scoring versatile forward for a one dimensional (a great dimension) 30+ goal scorer and the 26 overall pick, which is where you traditionally get 3rd line centers. I don't see how its such a terrible trade.

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