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Originally Posted by Live Forever View Post
You're gonna have a difficult time getting into Business with a low 25. If for example you are trying to transfer into Business while already in University, they are really strict about the GPA. I think they want a 2.7 GPA. To get accepted from University, you're looking at a 26.5 to 27 minimum, but then again it is the Winter semester and maybe they will be lenient depending on your math grades and rhe amount of applicants.

But my suggestion would be if you really want to persue an education in Business but end up getting accepted into another program, you should just start taking the required classes to get into the Business ex, Econ 201, 203, Comm 210, 212, 215, 217....your maths incase your marks were bad. These are classes that you can basically take no matter which program you are in but will get you a head start for your Business program. If you can maintain a GPA above 2.7 you can apply for a transfer in your concentration field by May 1st assuming your math grades are decent. If all else fails, I would recommend a Major in Economics, and a minor in Business studies.
I already passed Macro.

Thanks for the knowledge.

BTW, when I'm applying to I apply for Grad Studies, or undergrad studies?

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