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06-19-2013, 09:09 AM
Not so fast,
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Not technically today but it was only about 8 hours ago...

I went to the adult beginner class and had a great scrimmage. I remember when I first started 15 months ago and couldn't carry a puck if my life depended upon it. Never got any SOG, and definitely never stole the puck from anyone. Nobody ever passed to me because I would never catch it and if I did, I wouldn't know what to do with it.

Last night I got the puck on pretty much every single shift. 2 breakaways. 1 really, really ugly goal when I was clearing it out of our zone, just swatted at it to get it out of there, goalie came out of the net to push it away and it went through her feet and into the net. 2 SOG - and when it didn't go in, I grabbed the rebound, took it around the back of the net and made a beautiful pass to our guy who was waiting. He ended up hitting the post, but oh was a beautiful play! My D actually started looking for me on the ice to make the pass, I caught the puck each time and took it into the zone. I was playing wing each shift, but when the other team got a breakaway I covered for a wayward D and ended up forcing their guy to the boards, then I stole the puck from him, came around the net and was ready for another breakaway. Then the coach blew the whistle for a line change and that was the end of that...(we sometimes change on the fly, but usually in this class it's on the whistle).

A good night for me, I've had some of my best hockey ever this week on my tournament team (see previous post above) and then my D-league team Sunday (we won 5-1 despite a very short bench) and last night.

It makes up for Monday night when we lost 7-2 at a game with atrocious reffing that had us on the PK for about 85% of the game - I'm slow and female so I don't play on the PK, which means I got maybe 4 shifts the entire night.

Last night

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