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06-19-2013, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Yeah I don't think there's a whole lot of leverage here for the Rangers when it comes to McDonagh. Yeah he didn't have spectacular offensive numbers, but he was 7th in the NHL in even-strength points among defenders last year, and was tied for 5th this year. Add even mild PP production to those and he's likely top-15 in defensive scoring each year, all while providing elite defense.

The lack of scoring is more of a function of Tortorella not using him on the PP than it is of McDonagh's abilities. Anything under $4.5M is going to look like a bargain for this guy in a matter of months, IMO.
I totally agree. It's why if I had to choose between the two as to who (Stepan/McDonagh) gets the long deal, I choose McDonagh. You give him an extra 7-8 bogus assists on the PP (which he would get even if he was no good as long as he was given time), suddenly he's a 40+ point defender and his demands are 5.5-6.

Then again, I prefer to get both of them locked into long term contracts. These are players who if we go the bridge route, we will regret it in a few years. Especially if we buyout Richards, we'll have extra cap space. Signing them to long term contracts essentially states that we save cap later in return for a little extra now, when we don't even need it too much. That's not to mention 6 years from now the price on their UFA years could be 2 mil higher than it would cost to buy now.

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