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06-19-2013, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Tough Guy View Post

Originally Posted by Jonas1235 View Post
Can we all agree that the solid out of town ratings for this final is because of the Chicago/Boston factor? Transplant fans, or even people who are fans of a city rooting for "their cities" team. eg. Red Sox fan in New York watching the Bruins? Who might not even be from Boston.

When it's LA/New Jersey, nobody really cared because there is no following of these cities or teams. A little bigger bump on the west coast, but hockey is an east coast sport.

These ratings would be the same if it was New York Rangers/Detroit Red Wings, only different cities would be higher than others. Atlantic City(Rangers) versus Indiana(Hawks) for example.

It's all about who's playing and how big their following is, and how big their cities following is. If there's different big teams playing in the Final every year, then more cities would be watching and a better chance of getting actual new hockey fans. It's a slow process though. If the big American teams or even Leafs/Canadiens are not in the Finals consistently, then the NHL and NHLPA's projected revenue increases will not happen. Which will be a blackeye for the NHLPA who is banking on higher revenues to pay for their lost salary.
If big market, original six teams, or exciting teams (Pittsburgh) are not in the finals, the rating will stink.
If they are in then we will see continued growth.

We can also agree that New York is a great hockey town and if they had a five year run like Boston or Chicago they too would experience huge ratings and further boost NHL growth.

Recall Chicago in 2010 had alright ratings but this year, they are much higher. Good teams=ratings boost.

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