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06-19-2013, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
The only redeeming aspect of the Van-Bos final was that the hatred developed fast and lasted.

Most Hawks fans are jerking off to the bruins' amazingness and berating their own team. Fair enough, bruins playing well and Hawks are shooting themselves in the foot, but FFS, bruins aren't all of a sudden a bunch of nice guys. They (Hawks fans, at least on their board) seem to think that Habs fans are imagining the hooking that's going on and (particularly in previous rounds) how the bruins would get away with non-calls to a ridiculous degree. Full credit to boston (who I still maintain are very very beatable), but this series needs some animosity, and from the Hawks fans. How does one see Marchand's face and not want to punch it? For that matter Chara and his cheap shots.

Hoping game 4
a) ties the series
b) gets the Hawks a little hungrier to beat those A holes (sorry, I'm one of the few who has not jumped on the "bruins are the most amazing team and you have to just accept it" bandwagon)

Is it just me or does the United Center not seem at all like a Madhouse during the games? TD garden certainly pumps up the bruins. Not sure the Hawks fans are doing there part. Has there even been a Vince Vaughn sighting? I was there for a 1st rd game in 2010 (year they won) that they tied in the last minute and won in OT (Kane then Hossa) and let's just say the sequence of events resembled the Heat fans phenomenon that just occurred. Really hoping home ice gets the Hawks that must-needed win after hopefully tying it.
The bruins are not an amazing team, they are built for playoff reffing and they take full advantage of that. Shame on the NHL for having two different set of rules for playoffs and regular season.

Still, I believe a healthy MTL team can beat them, if only because Chara goes nuts everytime we play them.

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