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06-19-2013, 10:15 AM
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Let us not forget that Messier isn't a spring chicken anymore. He is 53 years old. Most of those guys retired in there mid to late 30's. Than start there coaching/GM career years earlier & almost immediately after they retire. Mainly because they do need the pay check coming in, but also because the window is a slim one to get their foot in the door.

Messier made a conseince decsion to retire offically after the lockouy & stayed away from the game because he wanted to be a family man & Father to his new born son at the time. You can't fault a guy for wanting that, oviously money wasn't an issue & most liley isn't a driving factor in any decsions Messier makes.

However even for former great players time is still their enemy. Since Messier played until he was 44, & than basically took almost 5 years off from the game he stuned his growth & has limited his options. Coaching the ECHL, AHL or KHL for 2-3 years minimum put's him almost in his late 50's. That's very late in life to be a rookie head coach in the NHL.

Messier needs to decide NOW what he wan't to do with the next 15-20 years of his hockey life. If he decides that he does what to coach he is going to have to leave NY & start out in a small cold climate market that no one can find on a map & work his way up.

If he want's to be a GM he may have to leave NY to do that as well. Steve Yzermen did it & he is as beloved in Detroit as Messier is in NY. No one would look down on Messier or think less of him if he left NY to pursue an oppurtunity.

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