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01-07-2004, 06:40 AM
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More quotes about our man Kats from woodlief:

And there's a little something for everyone with talented players of all styles and sizes available. If it's pure gamebreaking ability you're after, nobody beats Belarussia's Andrei Kastsitsyn. The fiery winger has a rare mix of skill and desire. Plenty of snipers know what to do with the puck once you get it to them in scoring territory. What sets Kastsitsyn apart is that he'll do all the hard work to go get the puck, then he'll steam his way through traffic into scoring position and finish off his own play.

and a chat with woodlief before the draft:

Ray Stinger,Jr.(Pittsburgh): Hey,Kyle! Whom do you think the Pens will go after with the #3 pick? There's been some talk that Pittsburgh is interested in moving up to the 1st pick,have you heard anything?

Kyle Woodlief: My guess is the player they feel is the highest impact forward still left on the board. For me, that would mean either Kastsitsyn or Zherdev.

ken, from michigan: Hi, Whats your take Andrei Kastsaitsyn? At the time of the WJC he was a "who, what, huh" player and now he's getting a lot of hype. Where do you think he'll be drafted? thanks!

Kyle Woodlief: I really have no idea what the hell you're talking about since Andrei Kastsitsyn was in Red Line Report's first round in our pre-season report last August, had already moved into our top 15 by November, and was among our top five after the World Jrs. in Halifax. Maybe you didn't know who he was, but everybody else certainly did.
Frankly, if you take away the concerns over his epilepsy and potential back problem, he's clearly the best player in this year's draft -- period.

Roselle PK: If you had the No. 1 pick, who would you pick as the best player available?

Kyle Woodlief: At Red Line we believe that Andrei Kastsitsyn is the clear cut choice as No. 1 overall, if you are absolutely 100% convinced that his epilepsy/back issues won't be a longterm problem in his career.

Jason (Pittsburgh, PA): Everyone is talking about the top four picks, but im curious to see who you have falling to the Sabres at #5. Any thoughts?....Thanks in advance.

Kyle Woodlief: The way it looks like the draft will break, I could see Andrei Kastsitsyn still being on the board at No. 5. If so, he would be the bigest steal of the year and would provide the Sabres the type of offensive catalyst they sorely lack (aside from Satan).

Dave (Atlanta, GA): It seems like in each draft, there is a distinct line between the elite prospects (2001 Spezza/Kovalchuk, 2002 JBo/Nash/Lehtonen) and the rest. In your opinion, who are the elite in this draft.

Kyle Woodlief: For Red Line, the top tier in this draft runs about eight deep and includes Kastsitsyn, Fleury, Horton, Zherdev, Michalek, Coburn, Vanek, and Staal.

John, LA: QUICK: You're a GM and through some sort of wonder, you are allowed the top 6 picks. Who would you pick assuming you needed all positions equally (i.e., who's the best center, the best RW, the best LW, 2 best Dmen, and best goaler in the draft)

Kyle Woodlief: Kastsitsyn, Fleury, Horton, Coburn, Jessiman, Phaneuf

also, a little something on Locke

Russell (AZ): Where do you have Corey Locke projected to go and can he make a difference with his size in the NHL?

Kyle Woodlief: We have Corey Locke pegged at No. 61 on our final list, which would make him a late 2nd rounder. Even if he doesn't go that high due to his size, we think he'll develop into a good NHL role player. He's fearless and doesn't mind playing in traffic, and even if he doesn't wind up playing on a top two line, he can contribute in other roles. Very smart and instinctive kid.

and I also found this in an earlier redline column:


Maxim Lapierre Wow! What was he doing languishing in Midget AAA last year? He's already Montreal's best forward as a rookie.

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