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06-19-2013, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Hullois View Post
The bruins are not an amazing team, they are built for playoff reffing and they take full advantage of that. Shame on the NHL for having two different set of rules for playoffs and regular season.

Still, I believe a healthy MTL team can beat them, if only because Chara goes nuts everytime we play them.
As homerish as it sounds, I totally agree with this sentiment.

And you're so right about the "dynamic reffing". I hate the chintzy penalties like when a player trips over another's stick and it gets called or when there's a love tap on the glove (though the players should be smarter), but this (bruins style) level of hooking and interference actually affects scoring chances. Not that the Hawks haven't gotten away with a few, but well, as you said, bruins are built for a situation when the rules are changed. I cannot wait for the next Habs-Bruins series. Tired of seeing teams just fall into their trap (no pun intended).

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