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06-19-2013, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by TylerSVT View Post
Feaster said they would have no buyouts this year, and we traded a 2nd round pick just to get rid of Kotalik not 2 years ago, so i dont see ownership really wanting to eat 3M bucks.

Chances are we get a decent prospect or a 2nd rounder back.
Ownership has no problem eating cash. Flames didn't trade Kotalik away because ownership didn't want to pay him in the minors - they needed the tagging room to re-sign Tanguay and make that failed (and stupid) pitch for Brad Richards.

Feaster has already been on record saying when he first contacted ownership to get permission to send down Kotalik, their response was: "Ok, no problem. Feel free to send down Hagman and Stajan if you want to."

This has been covered a multitude of times, but people still keep bringing it up. Flames have been beyond a cap team for years now.

Flames did not retain some of Bouwmeester's cap for unknown reasons. Perhaps what St. Louis offered in return wasn't good enough, and Feaster thought he could better utilize that cap space in bad contracts, or in future trades (like Cammy and Tanguay).

Back on topic:
I think Cammy should return a 1st back. Flames would have no trouble keeping him until the deadline anyways. Seems to be a pretty good leader on the roster, so there won't be any rush to trade him before the draft. I see Tanguay being shopped around before Cammy.

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