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Originally Posted by Monctonscout View Post
I agree on Ovechkin, not really on Tavares Crosby and Malkin, even if they are not scoring they still see the whole ice and can set up a teammate with a ridiculous pass. ++Vision and hockey sense, Drouin has that. MacKinnon is average to slightly above average at both, his game in the pros will be similar to Ovechkin(recently) though obviously with a whole lot les size(5'11" 185lbs vs 6'3" 235lbs).
I would disagree. Malkin and Crosby do have great vision, but even they (especially Malkin) are prone to tunnel vision when the going gets tough. I watch more than half of Pittsburgh's games every year on top of almost every playoff game, I've seen this happen enough to say it with conviction, forcing plays that aren't there and generally trying to do it themselves to ultimately little avail.

And I also disagree with MacKinnon's vision, I think it's very good if not at Drouin's level. He can see the ice very well and has terrific IQ to go with it; only problem is that Drouin makes pretty much everyone look pedestrian in the vision department.

Edit: On a side note, I noticed you hammering MacKinnon for the WJC in the last thread, claiming he pouted (even if there was no indication of such) and underperforming in what was essentially a bad situation for him. Care to explain?

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