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Originally Posted by Digger12 View Post
Good lord Replacement, take a Ritalin or something.

Why you're tearing a pound of flesh out of Moneyguy specifically for a simple prediction (of which literally dozens are made on this message board on a daily basis, a concept not uncommon with what you'd think message boards would be used for) that has yet to be proven wrong since the bloody season's not even started...I can't honestly say what your motivation is other than being petty and mean spirited.

Yet another reason why I find myself posting on this board barely at all these days.
I guess you missed the amount of times Moneyguy has been chastising the Esks fan base here for not being good enough fans as he did with a poster on the previous page. My response, and calling him out on it, would not be forthcoming if his own behavior had not occurred and had not been ongoing.

You can think whatever you like.

Hey, post if you want. Your comment by the way is uncalled for(ironic as well) and something you could address with myself, or any poster in pm but apparently your purpose was different than feedback.

ps anybody notice this is Diggers first and only post and contribution in the thread? hmmmm.

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