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06-19-2013, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by David Thicke View Post
I am not trying to get into Bergevin's head and I don't know what the internal policies are for contracts set by Molson and the Canadiens' ownership but here's a possible thought on Subban.

Bergevin comes in as the new GM of the Canadiens, evaluates all the players and makes his decisions.

He signs Price to a six-year contract (maybe a little to high for my liking) after his bridge contract of two years. Making Price a possible UFA in 2018.

He signs Pacioretty to a six-year extension (again maybe too high for my liking) which starts this coming season after his two-year bridge contract ends. Making Pacioretty a possible UFA in 2019.

Subban tries to negiotate a longer term deal but Bergevin sticks to his guns or policy and only offers a two-year bridge contract. Subban performs very well and win the Norris Trophy in the half season. There's a maturing of Subban and Bergevin has seen the real Subban for himself and has decided for what to do next. I have to believe that Subban is going to be signed at some point from now until the end of this coming season as per what appears to be a team policy to a six-year deal (likely more $$$ than Price or Pacioretty). Making Subban a possible UFA in 2020.

I see all of this as Bergevin deciding and targeting his key players going forward as Price, Pacioretty and Subban with others to follow. He followed the team policies and staggered their UFA years on purpose so that he doesn't have to deal with them at the same time if he's still the GM in 6-8 years from now. Seems like good asset management to me. There will be others like Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Eller and etc.... that should follow the same scenario if this is the way the Canadiens ownership policies are. Desharais was only given a four year deal therefore not seen in the same light as the other three. A short term deal (I would have preferred a max three-year) while Eller and Galchenyuk continue to develop and improve their offensive games. We see what happens!

Just my opinion.
This is a good analysis, you may be right.

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