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Originally Posted by eskies4life View Post
Agreed, Replacement needs to lighten up around these boards.

Still very excited for the season, I still think we can't be much worse then last season so hopefully we have a solid season.
Positive feedback that anybody can offer on a messageboard as suggestion and that I can consider. Thanks for that.

Originally Posted by eskies4life View Post
Apparently. I get criticizing the team, whatever, its your decision to support them or not. However Replacement is going after a guy that just voiced his opinion and predictions just because Replacement doesn't agree with them. Pretty low imo.

It also sucks to have so much negativity by one person on these boards before the seasons even started :/
Not required, and not helpful. My confronting MoneyGuy quite clearly occurred subsequent to him chastising another poster. For anybody that cares to look at a couple pages that is quite clear. Could my tone be different or how I express it sure, but I thought Moneyguy was being silly on some issues and said as much. Just as several people are now doing with me.

Apparently its OK to confront me, which it is btw. But that goes for all if its done within reason.

flame on, I'm just another poster here exposed to two local teams that have sucked for years. We all get our ya ya's out differently in response I guess. I would say though that frustration is and excpected and acceptable fan response. Or I could grab a wig and pom poms and be a cheerleader.

Oh and my prediction: 13 wins. I'm not saying what team or

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