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Name: Stephanie

Age: 25

Sex: F

Birthplace: Orlando, FL

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Current Location: Orlando, FL

Mode of Transportation: I have to walk mostly

Job: Unable to, social difference prevents me.

How and when you became a Blues fan: One of my fave players (who I had actually forgotten 'bout, cause he played for a team I dislike at that time) was traded to the Blues.

Favorite current Blues player: Vlady Sobotka (the afformentioned player. And 'favorite' is an understatement; those who know me online will know what I mean be that!)

Favorite all-time Blues player: Haven't followed long enough.

Favorite active non-Blues player: Sid, OEL, Mason Raymond

Favorite all-time non-Blues player: I cannot determine, haven't watched old games.

First Blues Game Attended: None.

Favorite hockey people to follow on Twitter: Panger, Shatty, Ian Cole, Kerbs, Chaser (on the Blues side)
John Carlson, JVR, Dustin Penner, Alec Martinez (we have the same last name), Dan Rusanowski

I'm WAY OUT OF MARKET, so I have to listen via KMOX's online stream. And I DO NOT CARE FOR THE MAIN NBC TEAM!

Music You Listen To: Mainly J-Pop and 1980's new wave (I cannot stand all the new garbage that's popular nowadays here in the English speaking world) And throw in a random Czech song here and there; there's a station I listen to from the CZR. Blame me wanting to connect to my more-than-just-favorite Blue's homeland!

Favorite Band(s): Buono, moumoon, Capsule, Depeche Mode, New Order, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Pet Shop Boys, Melting Holidays, Miou Miou, Tears For Fears

Favorite Solo Artists: BONNIE PINK, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Mai Hoshimura, Phil Collins, Billy Joel

Favorite TV Show(s): Fresh PreCure, DokiDoki PreCure, Yes! PreCure 5 (you see a pattern forming... )

Hobbies: Playing Pokémon (fan since 2000), listening to racing via the radio networks (the tv commentary is ANNOYING for one, and I cannot watch half the events for another).

And I write fanfiction, though not for a while.

Other: I am strongly against celebrity gossip of ANY KIND, do not watch ANY award shows or so-called "reality" tv, and do NOT watch MTV (haven't since 2000).

I am Aspergian, but I am not one of those people who see it as a disease (that needs to be cured).

Favorite motorsports people are: David Ragan, Johanna Long, the Roush-Fenway Racing team and Timothy Peters (NASCAR); and Simona de Silvestro, James Hinchcliffe, Graham Rahal, and Marco Andretti (IndyCar)

I also like Kimi in F1, but I can't get up early enough to keep track.

I am also a Penguins fan... I liked them before the Blues. But the team that introduced me to the NHL was Vancouver... a random VanCity station I was listening to was a sister to their flagship station. I don't listen to the Canucks as much.

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