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06-19-2013, 03:02 PM
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I read a study a while back looking at what made 'genius' (read as 'elite at what they do)... the only correlation they found to those who excelled was generally more practice, every single 'genius' they studied had practiced for a minimum of 10,000 hours.

Ofc natural precursors help this, like fast twitch muscle fibres (but they can be effectively improved by practice), having a great 'eye' (once again though, can be improved by practice), natural muscle/bone density and height etc as well.
This 'natural talent' also means that they are more likely to be spotted at a younger age and focused on more by parents or coaches.

In my experience though, the most important thing for someone to succeed is the mental aspect, as if you don't have it, no matter how talented you are you cannot (or will be very unlikely to) succeed.

Both me (eldest) and the 3rd eldest brother in my family have done (in my case) or seem to be on the right track to doing (in brothers case), very well in our chosen sports, (to a level ofc) as we have dedicated, almost obsessive, personalities that mean we want to practice every day and concentrate 100% when we play.

However, the 2nd eldest brother is far more 'naturally' talented than both of us, he has done well in every sport he has ever played, as he has in school, without trying.

But he no longer plays any sport regularly even though he was playing two years above his age group in rugby, roller hockey and water polo, and was asked to go for national regional trials in field hockey and 110m hurdles. He never had the dedication or willpower and admits as much... I always wish I was born as naturally gifted as him!

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