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06-19-2013, 02:06 PM
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Originally Posted by eskies4life View Post
Apparently. I get criticizing the team, whatever, its your decision to support them or not. However Replacement is going after a guy that just voiced his opinion and predictions just because Replacement doesn't agree with them. Pretty low imo.

It also sucks to have so much negativity by one person on these boards before the seasons even started :/
actually, the last two pages you guys are banding together to bully replacement. that's also pretty low.

replacement isn't commenting on money guy because of his opinion.
He commented because Moneyguy said the esks would win AT LEAST 10 games, maybe 11 or 12.
he only called him on it when moneyguy started to move the goalposts.

But we should all probably drop the subject regardless of which side we're on, if any,
and just get back to chatting about the team.

Does anyone have an answer to Replacements question a while back?
Is the indoor field house the same turf as the stadium, or is it two different surfaces they practice on?

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