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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
Moneyguy is a great guy, nice guy, great fan. However he was in full backing mode of Tillman from day one. A year later he's in full backing mode of the team that dumped Tillman and all the horrible damage he did to the team. I don't disagree that the Esks could with 10 games thus year though if a few things go right.

As for Replacement, he was over joyed that Ray got dealt last year and blasted him at every chance and was in love with Jyles and that trade.

Each has to be accountable for what they have said in the past about the Esks.
I have no trouble indicating I was wrong on Ricky Ray and have done this several times. That said I'm not in the position of running the team (thank gawd) I'm just another backseat QB.

I don't agree that I was in love with Jyles but I kind of felt the guy deserved a shot. You mention earlier in the thread that the nature of the CFL (and pro sport) is that guys get a certain shot, and sometimes never get another serious shot. I kinda felt that way about Jyles that he was still an unknown. I'm also not convinced that last years receiving core helped a lot.

But hey, If anybody wants me to come clean on something i'll come clean. Or try to.

Not sure what else can be expected.

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