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06-19-2013, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I confronted. Its your interpretation it was an attack.

But as always if the replies focus negatively on the PERSON instead of the post they are out of line. Which several posts in this thread have been. I'm sure you can spot the replies that have been out of line.

But I do wish to go back to the eskimos.

Again, one of my questions is how much the new turf at commonwealth, and also the turf at fieldhouse had impacted lower body injury since we no longer have natural turf. I think its an interesting question and any soccer player, any soccer team, say more injuries occur running on artificial turf.

Its unfortunate.
If you seriously can't see how people would view it as an attack you have issues replacement. You do this quite often. Take subtle attacks at people and then when called out you go on some long explanation how it was by no means an attack.

Guess what it was. Happens far too often, if people don't agree with you, you just throw more words until the point where the person doesn't care anymore and puts you on ignore.

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