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06-19-2013, 04:10 PM
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A few more thoughts about Ching Johnson:

The more I read about Ching, the more I wish we had someone like him on the current Rangers squad. That said, even if Ching didn't cause his team to be a man down, when called for a penalty, you have to remember that he was still in the box and not on the ice for a substantial amount of time. That's something that I find somewhat problematic because there were only 4 defensemen on each team back then. If Ching went off the ice for 10 minutes, that's a long time for the other 3 defensemen to cover.

I also think we have to be careful as to how we interpret the poetic anecdotes that we read about some of the players from the early eras, for various reasons: (1) sportswriters liked to flex their writing skills back then much more than we see nowadays. They were writing stories for people who couldn't see the games back then; (2) they also seemed to be much more buddy-buddy with the home teams they covered (if they traveled to away games, they probably were traveling with the team); (3) I would expect that reporters did not have much access to video or replays (especially during games); (4) their viewing of teams other than the one they covered was mostly limited to games against the team they covered, so they were much more dependent on what other people said about those other teams and players than what they actually saw; and (5) I don't know how many reporters traveled to away games back in the day, which would again mean they were reliant on other people for their information.

Just bringing up some food for thought.

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