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06-19-2013, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by HooliganX2 View Post
We are not willing to break up our defense that we just finally put in place at the trade deadline makes us overvalue our players? We have specific needs if we are not addresses these needs makes us overvalue our players?

We are fine trading our players if we are filling a need upgrading our NHL roster. Most of the time the offers don't fill a single need for us. Come on use some common sense.
It's just been my experience that Blues fans have been completely unwilling to move anyone in any deal. This is a trade proposal forum and every time a trade comes up involving Shattenkirk I see hordes of Blues fans simply responding "he's not getting moved." Wayne Gretzky got traded. No one is unmovable. Especially a 1st pairing defenseman on a team that has a surplus of them and has their entire young core moving towards restricted free agency. Not to mention a team that really struggles to score. I'm not saying that Couturier is fair value for Shattenkirk or that he has proven that he can help the least bit scoring-wise.

All I'm saying is that Blues fans and all fans in general (including Flyers fans) should be willing to work towards proposals that provide fair value. That's the purpose of the forum, it's not to shoot down deals immediately that could represent fair value. If someone wants Pietrangelo tell them they need to give up Giroux. That's more effective than always replying with "he's not available." That just takes the fun out of it.

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