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06-19-2013, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by David Thicke View Post
I have answer already about the article format so I won't address it any more.

Here's what I want to say but can't about Subban. He still makes a lot of mistakes with the puck both defensively and offensively when trying to do too much. He loses his man around the net way too often, still takes himself out of the position going for the big hit and does a poor job boxing out in front of the net. There are a lot of mistakes in his game which still need correction in order to be a number one defenseman in the NHL. I don't think Subban should have been the Norris Trophy winner, I think Ryan Suter is the better defenseman but I also don't agree with Karlsson being the winner last year either. To me, the Norris trophy is for the best defenseman, not the best defenseman with the most offensive points. The winner should be the best two-way defenseman with all facets of the game being considered. When I wrote the article, my worry was Subban's play would regress if he won the Norris trophy. We all know his head is a little too big and he might go back to trying to make the spectacular plays for the roar of the crowd. For Subban to have continued success, he has to continue to simplify his overall game and keep the "I" attitude in the past. The Canadiens will need him to be way better in both ends of the rink if they are even going to make the playoffs this coming season. The same goes for players like Diaz and Emelin among others, they both have to continue to play better this coming season while Bergevin continues his plan to rebuild the Canadiens into a balance mix of character, toughness, grit, high end skill and scoring talent. They need far more depth at all positions in order to compete with the like of Boston, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Ottawa even Washington, in the eastern Conference.

Character, toughness, work ethic, and potential offensive talent will be important attributes that the Canadiens will be looking for when selecting this year's draft prospects

What I was trying to say was that the Canadiens would be looking more at these types of player than the high end skill players that don't have grit in their games. If there's a choice between two players, the Canadiens will be leaning more towards these types of players. These are the type of players missing in the Canadiens' prospect system and their NHL line-up. We have enough two-way players and speedy scorers but so little in the way of big bodied, tough, physical that love to attack the net a la Gallagher. I don't have the space necessary to write this so I have to put it in one sentence. The editor will just cut it out and he has the right to change what I put in the article. Even the other player considered isn't exactly what I put down.

I hope explains it all better for you.
I fully agree with your assessment of Mr. Subban. Mont. is so hungry for a superstar we are willing to anoint the first player that comes along. No way he should have won the Norris, but he did and I think it will slow his development a little. He is a "young man" and it is very evident, I think you guys will be blown away at how good he will get in the future, but to say that he's a better defenceman than Chara et. al. right now, come on. Not even close.

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