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06-19-2013, 04:55 PM
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Couple comments for now, and I'll hopefully add more to the discussion later:

- Agreed with Chief. I don't see high PIMs as a valuable quality or a positive in a player. I am in the camp that hates the fact that PIMs are included in a lot of fantasy leagues as a category. You're providing a reward for picking up players who do something that harms their team? Idiotic. But to bring it back to this conversation; personally I think the only value PIMs should play when evaluating a defenseman is in looking at players who you didn't see play - it gives you a sense of the type of style they played and whether they played a physical game or were an intimidating presence. Those are the types of players who tend to rack up the PIMs. Other than that, pretty useless in my opinion, if not an outright negative for a player.

- Crease - if I'm remembering the preliminary list I sent you correctly, your tiers look pretty similar to what I had.

- As much as I argued for Park in the preliminary discussion, I agree that ultimately Leetch gets slotted ahead of him. Not sure we need to rehash that debate unless others want to. I am personally more interested in the Park vs. [Other Player] for 2nd/3rd position. In the prelim discussion Chief prodded a bit asking why not Howell over Park. And now Crease has put forth the notion that Ching should be above Park. I'm curious what people's thoughts are on those two suggestions. I've got some anecdotes/quotes for Park similar to the ones Crease posted about Ching that I compiled during the prelim discussion. And a couple videos if I can dig them up. Will post them later.

- The names I found myself constantly moving around and swapping were Gadsby vs. Howell; Seibert vs. Heller; and then Greschner. Gresch was actually just outside of my original top 10. Interested to hear people's thoughts on these guys. Will try to weigh in with my thought processes after I post the stuff I have about Park (which even now, as I'm looking at it, I'm not sure I'm happy with what I recall ultimately going with for my 4-5-6 prelim ordering).

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