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06-19-2013, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by cnshockey View Post
I'd have to go look at all the call ups for the black aces but if I recall, we didn't really have a huge group of them two years ago. The only two I remember are Muzzin and Jones. And this past year we did call up a lot but I'm not sure what to read in to that. Kolomatis has been steadily improving and it'd be a shame for him to leave now. And I have to disagree on Ellerby. Even on a bad team, he'd still be a bad defenseman at this point. He's just not very good at anything besides skating. Sure a team might claim him but even if they do, it really isn't a big loss.
It was about the same amount of players both years;

Can't find this archived on the Kings site...
Andreoff, Azevedo, Campbell, Cliché, Clune, Hickey, Jones, Mullen, Muzzin, Vey, plus Toffoli from the CHL. 11 players

No Kolomatis, Meckler, Deslauriers, O'Neil, Kaunisto, Legien or Zatkoff.

This past playoffs;

Andreoff, Bodnarchuk, Campbell, Czarnik, Deslauriers, Kozun, O'Neil, Pearson, Vey, Weal, with Jones and Berube already in LA. Total of 12 players.

Legein, Meckler, Kolomatis and Cliché are the only ones under NHL contract not to be called up and I think Cliché had a nagging injury, but later joined the Aces for the Chicago series.

Two years ago the Kings let Kaunisto, and Zatkoff walk after the season, Legein, O'Neil, Kolomatis, and Deslauriers all still had years left on their deals. O'Neil and Deslauriers get called up this year, while Meckler, Legein, and Kolomatis don't but have expiring contracts. Pretty clear sign to me that none of those three are in the Kings long term plans.

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