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06-19-2013, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by bobo23 View Post
With this move most benifite goes to KHL as KHL would get more popular there. That's why you can see some competitive games from american profesional sport leagues played in China, Europe etc. Increses intrest for TV broadcasts, geer etc. It's marketing

for Medvescak

-it could increse intrest there to watch Medvescak games broadcasted by Sportklub and some Medvescak were broadcasted by serbian sportklub. sportklub is regional chanel first, then sport chanel of each countrie in region. And with incresed intrest in Medvescak games, Medvescak could sell TV rights for higher price to sportklub

-it icreses posibility to add sponsors from regionl companys

I don't agree about games in Croatia. Medvescak should play few competitive games trough whole Croatia. It's very selfish from Zagreb base to think otherwise because this Medvescak story is uniqe chance to roll things in our hockey, a chence that come evrey 2-3 generations if it comes at all. So it's not only in marketing and geting more money, but also has "nobel goal"
Only question is, where ? I mean, in which arenas ?

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