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Originally Posted by Canadian Guy View Post

Also I love seeing all the Habs fan acting all ******** over Cammalleri: they worshipped him in 2010 and when he calls out the team for being terrible in a year that they were he's suddenly a selfish *****!
The smart ones don't call him out. Cammalleri is actually still quite loved. Top that with the fact that he was beastly and worth every penny in the playoffs I'd gladly take him back.

Originally Posted by SpezDispenser View Post
Ottawa should pass if the Flames insist on any of Noesen, Gryba or Smith. It's just not worth it for a guy who has 1 year left. Yes, Ottawa has a deep prospect pool, but if the price has to include our 1st, Noesen or any of the other top prospects, then I hope we pass.

We'd be better off saving those assets and taking a run at someone else, or looking via UFA. There'll be plenty of teams too close to the cap, there will be tons of deals to be had.

Da Costa + 3rd and we take all the salary is about all I'd do personally. I'm personally not enamoured with Puempel, but his value trumps one year of Cammalleri IMO, ditto the Sens' other top prospects.
Da Costa isn't good at all. And a 3rd ? Is Calgary a charity ? I know Feaster is fairly dumb, but is he really that dumb ?

Also, for UFA, who are you going to get that is Cammalleri's calibre in goal scoring ? Filppula ?

Personally, it should only take Noesen, or Stone straight up for him. Gryba would cost a little extra. Ottawa shouldn't have to add a first considering the top of prospect Ottawa would be giving up and where Ottawa's first is.

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