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06-19-2013, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
Good game. As a fan I want to see this type of game rather than the 2-1 games that seem so common in today's NHL.

Gotta give some credit to the Hawks surviving some shaky goaltending. Patrick Sharp is one hell of a player. For his age I think he's playing very well and doing the best he can, without question.

Best play for me was the never die cycle between Jagr and Bergeron and the way they gradually worked the puck perfectly into a shooting area. Lightning quick release and no mistake by Bergeron when Jagr made the final pass. On a side note, Jagr is looking tired and not capable of making the kind of plays he used to make at will in the past. But I have to wonder how long he can be held off the score sheet. I'm thinking he has some some heroics left in him.

Go Bruins.

And wow ... RIP James Gandolfini. Huge fan.
He's 40 years old man, what do you expect? Not to mention, he's made some incredible plays, some incredible passes on occasion even though he's not scoring goals. I think many people are recognizing this.

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