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06-20-2013, 01:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Yeah no ****'s with the least holes in their lineups win cups. Wow what a ****ing revelation.
Wow, you're swearing. You must be tough and right about your point. How freakin' cool is that...

There are key elements to success in the playoffs. If you stopped drinking to kool-aid, you'd see what's different between those teams, and say, the one we have in Montreal.

They're tough, they're deep, and they're not always the ones who have the most skills/score the most goals, unlike your simplistic opinion suggests. LA finished 30th in the league last year for GF. It means goal scoring and raw skills is not the main factor in winning the Stanley Cup. Toughness, willingness/ability to battle through 20-25 very intense games, and cohesion goes a much longer way.

But I guess you and your "pro-signing Elias fanclub co" members won't agree with that view on hockey. It's ok. For some, banging their heads against a cement wall looks cooler than it does for others. Let's all keep complaining in choir about how the Stanley Cup Playoffs Hockey is not good/entertaining, because our management people have been too freaking stupid for too long to realize what the reality is turning into.

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