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06-20-2013, 01:11 AM
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Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
I want the Habs to look like the Habs. Not the Booins. This is Montreal. Winning with style. This is NOT a blue collar city like Boston. This is not a lunchpail city. This is a city with grace, style and excitement.

This is the essence of les Glorieux.

This love barf for the Booins sickens me. This thread is disappointing. Do you see Yankeefan sending love to Redsoxfan? What is this?

**** the Booins.
Nobody hates more the Bruins than the one who realize how superior they've gotten to us in EVERY aspect of the game. Because unlike the others in denial, those who realize how things turned out in the last few years, realize that there's nothing we can do to stop them at this point. We can only hope our team will follow the same path and become a successful bunch.

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