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06-20-2013, 12:38 AM
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Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
My expectations aren't the point. I wonder what the Bruins management expectations were for playoff goals for Jagr. Somehow I think zero wasn't the number they had in mind. Anyway, I think you're looking for an argument where there isn't one. My post above was mostly praising Jagr and suggesting that in spite of what has at times been a sluggish performance I can see him scoring a huge goal yet.

Yes. Kind of like the play I highlighted in my post above. Again, I wonder why you are reading my post so negatively.

Yes. He's not soft.
I wasn't trying to honestly. I'm not even cheering for Boston. I simply found your choice of words to be an accusation of sorts, when common sense dictates the man is old, worn down and has a lot of miles on him so therefor he won't be as fast or as "dominant". I think it's fairly obvious, that's all. You're probably right that BOS management was hoping for some more goal scoring from him, but they didn't give up much and as I said I think he's playing well, to me it's actually quite remarkable. But he's a generational talent.

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