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06-20-2013, 01:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I know, but I can't believe that the Hawks were bringing anything close to the game they are now when that occurred.
Oh absolutely. And trading chances is a game that requires the player to finish on the chance. A couple of misses by one side and the score can get lopsided fairly quickly. Plus we had Gagner so it isn't really fair to compare ....

Do you dispute that an airtight team effort and Bruins continuing to play their checking system would not have worked tonight. Bruins had gone several home games without giving up a single goal before tonight.
Maybe they were a bit guilty of wanting to give the home fans a show tonight? Not likely they would be that stupid I guess. But they did go down 3-1 which probably forced them into opening it up a bit.

The play by Lucic alone is the single worst turnover I've seen all year on an incomprehensible brain fart.
Didn't see it. I was only able to start watching midway through the game. Still, Lucic has been good imo, and I'm not one to forget all the good plays a player makes and focus only on the few giveaways.

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